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In my book, Firegal… Rising from the Ashes, I share my experience of being one of the first women fire fighters in Las Vegas, Nevada. The wisdom I gained from living not only on the front lines of change, but also as a woman finding herself as she matured in a male dominated environment, uniquely educated me in ways I could not have anticipated when I joined the fire service. I was 23 years old when I was hired and the education of Gina really began…

My autobiography is an emotional growth journey through learning how to survive adversity to transforming my own life’s situation. It was painful at times to write yet liberating as I shared my experience of growing into the woman I have come to know and feel empowered to be. However, when I finished I realized I had another problem, what was I going to say if someone asked me how I did it, survived? It took another two years of soul searching to fully verbalize the process I had used.

As I looked back I realized I did have a strategy but I hadn’t put it into words as to how I did it. As I dove deeper into that strategy I realized it contained four parts. Each part relating to the way fire behaves, like fire, if the elements aren’t in balance it isn’t possible to ignite.

Today I speak and coach using each of these four elements: Perspective, Purpose, Passion and Power, in order to help others empower themselves and ignite their own flame in their lives. Using these simple yet profound elements one discovers where they are lacking the proper fuel while gaining insights that will spark change leading to a more fulfilling career and family life. You have the power within you already; you only need to tap into it to ignite the possibilities.

Using my own experiences and education I share my wisdom so others find solace that they are not alone and that we are all the ultimate creator’s in this game called life. It is my passion and purpose to share what I’ve learned helping others to become inextinguishable!

Firegal… Rising from the Ashes, is available on Amazon.com. A Kindle version is also available. If you would like to schedule Gina to speak with your organization, contact her at FiregalWisdom@gmail.com.

Gina Geldbach-Hall